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The Foundation for Educational and Cultural Initiatives “Step by Step” has started a new “Stand up 4 Children Rights!” project funded by the European Union that will be implemented in cooperation with the relevant national institutions in the country (National Ombudsman and the Ministry of Education and Science).

The overall objective of the project is to support and promote respect of child rights as a precondition for democratic school communities that built and nurture active and responsible citizens. The specific objectives include: 1.) To advocate for protection of child rights through research data collection and analysis; 2.) To support the promotion and protection of child rights in practice at schools as duty bearers through capacity building of students, teachers and parents and enabling student’s participation in school life; and 3.) To raise public awareness on child rights, protection and participation through public campaigning. Step by Step Foundation signed a Memorandum with the National Ombudsman for cooperation in the implementation of the project.

The project will be implemented in the period 16.01.2023-15.01.2026 and will target at least 250 primary school students from 5 primary schools (one with big number of Roma students and the remaining four rural schools with instruction in other languages (Albanian, Turkish, Serbian and Bosnian); 50 teachers and representatives of the school support service office (pedagogics, psychologists, social workers etc.), at least 50 parents and the members of Students Parliaments in these primary schools.

“Stand up 4 Children Rights!” will be implemented through four work packages:1) CR Research & Advocacy: conducting a national research and analysis to serve as a basis for advocacy with National Ombudsman Office; Public event for sharing the research findings and advocate recommendations; 2) Schools Support for Practising Child Rights: Developing teacher’s manual on CRC, child protection and violence prevention; Developing picture books on child rights in Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Bosnian, Roma and sign language; Provision of training to students on their rights; on students’ participation; on safety on the internet and online violence; Mentoring students CR projects; Provision of training to teachers and parents; Small Incentives to 5 primary schools for supporting Students Parliament and Ombudsman plan of activities/ implementation of small school projects; Child Rights School for students and teachers; 3) Child Rights Campaigning: educative and promotional video campaign on CR, social media campaign, sport activities, Children rights caravan and 4) Visibility and PR of the project


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