About the Foundation

The Foundation for Educational and Cultural Initiatives "Step by Step" - Macedonia supports the development of an open society through activities in the field of education, art, culture, publishing, as well as human (children’s) rights and civil society. The Foundation guides, coordinates, participates in and directly implements activities which promote innovation, progress and development of the work of preschool institutions and primary schools in the Republic of Macedonia.

The Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives "Step by Step" - Macedonia was established as a nongovernmental organization with the aim to continue the educational program “Step by Step” that has started with its implementation in 1994, as regional program of Open Society Institute –New York and George Town University from Washington D.C.

The Foundation "Step by Step" - Macedonia is part of the International Step by Step Association (International Step By Step Association (ISSA) and through its actions fully supports and acts upon the ISSA principles for quality pedagogical practice:

1. Interactions
2. Family and Community Involvement
3. Inclusion, Diversity and Values of Democracy
4. Assessment and Planning
5. Teaching Strategies
6. Learning Environment
7. Professional Development


The mission of the Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives "Step by Step" - Macedonia is to prepare, develop and implement programs that enhance the education and culture in the modern society as a key factor for educational, cultural, economic and social development. The Foundation "Step by Step" - Macedonia is implementing programs in the kindergartens, primary schools and other educational and cultural institutions, supports innovative approaches and finds different ways to raise the possibilities to help the children achieve their full potential through education.


An open society that provides opportunities for children to express themselves, to develop their full potential and to enjoy their rights.

Strategic objectives

• Meeting the needs of every child, including the children with special needs, the children from minority groups, Roma children, children that lack the opportunity to be educated, children who live in the rural areas and other vulnerable groups.
• Promoting and supporting educational initiatives based on contemporary approaches to children’s rights.
• Encouraging democratic processes in education of children, youth and adults.
• Building partnerships with decision makers, civil society and educational institution in the country and abroad.
• Advocating the idea of permanent training of teaching staff and teams in kindergartens, primary schools and students at the Faculty for teachers.
• Encouraging local communities in their support of children’s rights and development.

The Step by Step Foundation implements programs in partnership with the ministries, educational and cultural institutions, domestic and foreign CSO’s and supports innovative approaches and strategies for implementing children’s rights and developing the full potential of children through different initiatives.


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