Family and Community Involvement 

“Literacy is not a concern only to teachers, schools and relevant institutions. Literacy affects various aspects of our everyday life and we all have an important role in developing reading tradition in Macedonia. Each of us can contribute to the better education of our children and I encourage you to take part in the activities planned by USAID Readers are Leaders project and to work with the young students.” –James Stein, USAID mission director in Macedonia, in his speech at the formal opening of the project.

The above is the very goal of this component: to involve as many parents, other family members and local community members as you can in the activities with the young students and the school community. It is important to inform everyone and to increase public awareness of the importance of literacy and numeracy, which are crucial for the intellectual development of the children.

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This component allows the team to reach all the regions in our country, rural and urban areas, and to bring about creative initiatives and activities like:

  • Creative workshops for parents and teachers – Readers are Leaders Project organizes in-school workshops where parents and teachers collaborate in a creative process of picture books making or techniques for teaching math in a fun way. 
  • “Reading and Math are Fun”- The project team, together with several celebrities, famous among young students, visit schools and local communities and take part in reading activities. Some celebrities have already taken part in the activity: Sasko Kocev (actor), Gorast Cvetkovski (actor), Toni Zen (singer), Amernis Nokshichi (actress), Naumche Mojsovski (handball player), Venera Ljumani (actress), Julijana Stefanova (actress), Petar Gorko (actor) and the list will be expanded with more celebrities from the world of art, science and sport.
  • “Magic Literacy Van” – Modern vehicle equipped with picture books, books, manipulatives and digital material travels in all regions of the country and will also arrive in your local community to spend time with you and to learn together.
  • Children's Creative Center - The Children's Creative Center in the Youth Cultural Center - Skopje was renovated and equipped under the Readers are Leaders Project. The Center has been given new life as the first activity center in the country that enables students to engage in language and math activities, with the help of their parents and teachers. It is an open source space where teachers will be encouraged to contribute with positive examples from their teachin practice. If you are interested to visit, please read more information here

In the JOIN US section you can find out how to become a part of the project activities, organized to involve school representatives, parents, other students’ family members and members of the local community.




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