While maintaining ongoing collaboration with the kindergartens and primary schools in Macedonia, and at the same time enchancing the collaboration with other organizations and ministries responsible for youth and education issues, the Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives "Step by Step" - Macedonia is involved in the implementation process of several projects aim to improving the education in the Republic of Macedonia. In the current period, the Foundation is actively involved in the following projects:

USAID Readers are Leaders Project 

Project for Roma Empowerment and Awareness for Democracy through Education

Implementation period: December 2015 – August 2017

Implementers: Foundation “Step by Step” in collaboration with the local NGOs Nadez and Dendo Vas

The Project is supported by the by the European Commision and Open Society Foundations and has the overall objective of improving the situation of the Roma community, that is marked with inadequate educational levels, participation and achievements, lack of knowledge and skills for improving employability and quality of domestic and community life and poor financial situation, which has precluded Roma from benefiting from opportunities for education, employment and from participation in democratic decision-making processes on local and national level. The Project will benefit Roma children and women in the Municipality of Suto Orizari and the Roma community in the Municipality Gorce Petrov, specifically: 120 children at preschool age (5-6 years), who are out of kindergarten; 210 children at primary school age (6-12 years) attending the local schools Braka Ramiz Hamid in Suto Orizari and Straso Pindzur in Gjorce Petrov and 500 mothers and women with low literacy and education attainment levels.


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